"Dos and Don'ts"
Guidelines for HauntedIllinois.com Visitor Reviews

In order to ensure that Haunted Illinois' Visitor Reviews are family-friendly, as well as a valuable resource for our readers, we ask that you please adhere to the following guidelines when submitting your review.

We also highly recommend that you submit reviews from a desktop computer and not your mobile phone, to facilitate ease of entry (there is a minimum length requirement for reviews).


  • In order to make your review more useful to others, try to provide as many details as possible. What did you like about the attraction? Which actor/actress really scared you? Which scene did you like the best? Saying something like "It was great!" is not very useful to anyone reading your review.  Instead of writing an empty one-liner like that, use specific examples, referencing scenes, actors and other elements you saw inside the haunted attraction. A more useful comment would be something like: "I really liked the detail in the swamp scene; the animatronic alligator really scared me when it lunged out of the bushes!"

  • Try to elaborate on as many aspects of the Haunted Attraction as you can. Was there ample parking nearby? Was the event easy to find? Did they have good "Wait Entertainment" in the queue line (actors walking the queue lines, television playing horror movie clips, scary music, etc) ? Were the actors convincing? Did they have creative scenes? Did they have good music and/or sound effects throughout the attraction? 

  • Whether you liked the attraction or not, try to provide supporting facts and reasoning to back up your opinion.  Also, try to present your point(s) in a rational, objective manner, in a neutral tone (provide constructive criticism). 

  • When writing your review, please keep in mind the venue's "Production Value" or "Bang for your Buck". A smaller town's non-profit haunted house is obviously not trying to accomplish the same thing as a large scale (for profit) one, in a major metropolitan area.

  • Try to keep in mind that styles vary as well. Some haunts are built for the "hard-core" horror fans, and intended to be "intense" or more graphic w/ blood and gore. Others are geared more toward families and may rely on special effects, detailing, and acting, etc. So please try to keep in mind the attraction's theme intentions when reviewing an event.

  • Reviews are very subjective. Just because a particular haunt is not your "flavor", that doesn't mean it's a bad one. It will help readers if you identify (in your own review) what style of haunt you enjoy the most. By knowing your personal point of view, a reader can make a better judgment on whether or not a Haunt is worth attending, based on their own particular taste.

  • Make a good impression. Please double-check your spelling and grammar before submitting your review. 


  • Don't complain about how long you had to wait in line. Most Haunted Attractions, especially the more popular ones, have longer lines as it gets closer to Halloween. It isn't unheard of for patrons to have to wait 2+ hours in line, depending on the popularity of the attraction, and the date & time it is visited. (Tip: For shorter lines, try to visit Haunted Attractions earlier in October and arrive shortly after they open for the evening).

  • If you work for a Haunted Attraction, don't submit a review to "plug" your own event and/or cut down someone else's. 

  • Do NOT include the following phrase (or a similar comment) in your review: "Don't waste your time or money..." . If you do, your review WILL NOT be posted online. All Haunted Attractions have a certain amount of entertainment value. You can say something along the lines of "I didn't think it was worth the admission price" , but blanket statements telling all potential patrons not to visit an attraction are not allowed. As stated above, just because a particular haunt is not your "flavor", that doesn't mean it's a bad one. 

  • Do not submit empty or nearly empty reviews that only provide opinions, and have no facts, examples or substance to back up your views. If it appears that your review could have been written without even attending the attraction, it will not be posted online.  The following are examples of the types of reviews that will NOT be posted online. 

    • "Wow! This haunted house is the best in the state of Illinois! It's the scariest haunted house you can find, so everyone should go there!!!"

    • "Geez, this haunted house was a dud. I enjoyed my last root canal more than this place! It is the worst attraction in the state, so don't waste your time or money going there."

  • The reviews shown above would not be posted because:

    • The reviewers have provided no real information about the haunted houses they are writing reviews for.  Again, if it appears that your review could have been written without even attending the attraction, it will not be posted online.

    • The first reviewer has called the attraction "the scariest" - nobody can make that judgment unless they've been to every haunted house in existence. 

    • The second reviewer called the attraction "the worst" in the state. Not only is that a mean-spirited comment, but no one can make that judgment, unless they have visited every haunted attraction in Illinois.  Also, the rude "root canal" crack is just cause for not posting the review.  

    • The second reviewer has clearly violated one of Haunted Illinois key guidelines by including the phrase "don't waste your time or money..." in their review.  

  • Do not include anything in your review that may be viewed as inappropriate (see list below).

The following ARE NOT allowed in any review: 
( If you include any of the following elements in your review, IT WILL NOT BE POSTED ONLINE. ) 

  • Profanity.

  • Insults, personal attacks or slanderous statements directed at owners, actors or anyone else involved with a Haunted Attraction.

  • Mean-spirited comments (deliberate slams), which are posted for the sole purpose of insulting or discrediting a Haunted Attraction or its staff. 

  • Comments discouraging readers from visiting one Haunted Attraction and encouraging them to visit another. 

  • Negative one-liners. Comments like "It sucked" are inappropriate and WILL NOT be posted online.

Note: All Visitor Reviews will be subjected to a manual screening process before they are approved for online viewing.

If you feel that the content of your review may be inappropriate or if it could possibly violate any of our posted guidelines, don't bother submitting it.  The staff of Haunted Illinois reserves the right to edit or reject Visitor Reviews, due to inappropriate content or for any other reason.

Blatant disregard for HauntedIllinois.com's Visitor Review rules / guidelines will result in the deactivation of your visitor review account and deletion of any reviews you may have previously written.