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2021 Visitor Reviews of
Factory Of Fear (Moline, Illinois)
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47 out of 70 people thought this review was helpful.
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Before Oct. 1st @ 8:00 pm     (Review Posted: 10/03/21)
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Scare Factor: Low    Atmosphere: Poor
Visibility / Location: The place wasn't bad at all, you see things fairly well, not too dark except when it needed to be to be scared.
Wait Entertainment: next to no wait entertainment, stood on my pone for a bulk of it.
Length of Event: about a 15-20 minute walkthrough. The place wasn't big by any means.
Actor Performance: Not scary. Most of the "scare-actors" were trying to be comedians during the duration of the walkthorugh.
Patron Flow Inside Attraction: They were getting people in and out fairly quickly.
Props / Special FX: Props and Special FX were quite good! The setting was a delight to be in, it's just a shame the actors ruined it a bit.
Summary: Overall I was not impressed. This was my first time at the factory of Fear. I expected to be in a Factory of Fear, not a high-school improv show. I will probably not be returning. If you're a fan of looking at good setups then I recommend but if you're looking to be scared definitely do not go here.
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10/22/21 @ 9:30 pm     (Review Posted: 10/24/21)
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Scare Factor: High    Atmosphere: Very Good
Visibility / Location: Super easy to spot. Right on a main road,and the building was wrapped in bright lights, and fog with groups waiting to get in. 
Wait Entertainment: We were greeted in the lot as we exited the car by one monster, and discovered there was a protest near the entrance. They had signs, and a megaphone. The haunt actors had made signs, and set up there own counter protest supported by 3-4 monsters who also engaged the crowd. I was thoroughly entertained.
Length of Event: We were maybe 15 minutes in line, and approximately 30 minutes inside the attraction.
Actor Performance: It was very unique. They had so much to say, and responded to questions. If they weren't scary they were engaging, and hilarious. They brought a lot of energy.
Patron Flow Inside Attraction: Some sort of barely clothed shaman explained the rules to us in character, and also provided some instructions on how we could avoid catching up to groups,or letting faster groups pass. We didn't run into any though, and no one caught up. We could see other groups through holes, but the flow was leisurely, and well regulated.
Appropriate Ages: Nothing specifically offensive jumped out at me. There were kids in line who looked to be as young as 8 or 9. I suppose I would say all ages if they're brave.
Props / Special FX: There were some pretty amazing props. Some would jump out really far, and scare the heck out of you. My favorite was a giant crocodile that got our whole group.
Costumes / Makeup: The costumes all appeared to be custom, and fit their scenes very well. The actors were all masked for covid with their makeup applied over the mask, which I thought was a very creative solution.  
There were not many monster masks, but the ones I saw were properly horrifying. The makeup did a great job of bringing the actor's characters to life.  
My favorite was a 3 fingered mutant on stilts.
Summary: I hadn't been in a few years, and was astonished to find so few things I remembered. A lot of new scenes, and they were fantastically executed with lights, and sound. 
A couple segments stood out to me, and without giving too many spoilers I will say the marshy swamp area, and the insane asylum. 
I fully recommend this attraction. They had a display that indicates they are open for christmas, and I can't wait to see what they do with that.
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10/02/21 @ 10:30 pm     (Review Posted: 10/03/21)
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Scare Factor: Very High    Atmosphere: Very Good
Visibility / Location: Great!! Very scary!!
Wait Entertainment: Excellent!! Enjoyed every minute!!
Length of Event: Long enough!!
Actor Performance: Great I was scared till the end
Patron Flow Inside Attraction: Great!!
Appropriate Ages: 13+
Props / Special FX: 10!!!
Costumes / Makeup: 10!!!
Summary: Everything was awesome! It had been some years since I've been to a haunted house and this one didn't disappoint! It was awesome and will definitely go again! We were scared the whole time!! Loved it!! I was on my toes the whole time with fear!! The props were great and very realistic!! I screamed so much I lost my voice!
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Date / Time Visited:
10/09/21 @ 10:00 pm     (Review Posted: 10/12/21)
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Scare Factor: High    Atmosphere: Very Good
Visibility / Location: The giant brick factory looking building was well lit up with bright blue and green lights, at least 3 huge signs with their logo, and some spooky faces to greet us in the parking lot/sidewalk and direct us to the entrance.
Wait Entertainment: The wait entertainment was phenomenal! Not only was there great music playing, and pretty lights, art work, and props decorating the entire hallway/line. . . There was also amazing actors their to greet us. 
We saw a energy filled crazy blue clown sliding around the hallway, and a friendly spiritual face who went by the name of Lucy, giving tarot readings to some of the other people walking in and even standing in line.
Length of Event: It took us about a half hour to get through this event, and I don't regret a single minute of it.
Actor Performance: The actors performance was very great. I loved the transition of being absolutely terrified, just to be welcomed by an extremely comedic line to catch me off guard. The actors have this special way of getting you nice, comfortable and distracted, only to scare the h--e--double-hockey-sticks (censored) out of you around the next corner.
Patron Flow Inside Attraction: While the rules were being read to us, there was a man who warned us about running into other groups. He did a great job at giving us ways to steer clear from other groups, and politely work around getting away from them if needed.  
We didn't really have any trouble with catching up to any other groups or them catching up to us aside from one time. The actors handled it very well, and kept us held up & intrigued with a well thought out, descriptive, and interesting story.
Appropriate Ages: If your little one(s) can handle the spooks and even a few fearful tears, or can be a brave little solider and make it till the end. . then I totally recommend this event for all ages. -But maybe keep the babies at home haha
Props / Special FX: The props throughout this attraction are amazing. Some are even so realistic you'd think they're a real person! 
While walking through an area full of lights, buttons, and some deranged scientists, we were warned of a "failed experiment" 
While approaching this Failed Exp, what looked like a long stream of intestines popped straight out at us! 
Also! While leaving the swamp landish area, we were entirely caught off guard and terrified by this giant crocodile that came roaring straight at us! That one got me for sure!
Costumes / Makeup: The costumes and makeup here is beautiful! Definitely not like the ones you can find at stores. Their costumes, or outfits if you will, go very well with the scenes and what's going on. Some of the make up looks extremely realistic as well!
Summary: To sum up my experience at the Factory Of Fear... I had an AMAZING time. I come through here at least once every year (sometimes more if really enjoy what they did that year)  
This Haunted House has never ceased to amaze me, and although a lot of the scenes and gags stay the same, there is always something new added every year.  
I love this haunted house and will continue to give them my money yearly.  
Thank you factory of fear for, as usual, scaring the h--e--double-hockey-sticks (censored) out of me.
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