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2021 Visitor Reviews of
Baldwin Asylum Haunted Attraction (Rantoul, Illinois)
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10/16/21 @ 9:00 PM     (Review Posted: 10/16/21)
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Scare Factor: Medium    Atmosphere: Very Good
Visibility / Location: The location couldn't be better! Really easy to see from the road, plenty of lights and signs!
Wait Entertainment: The way the staff treated the whole Covid situation with the orange boxes on the ground really kept the line feeling less crowded, and anyone worried about Covid should have felt safe with the precautions that were in place! When we were in line, we probably had 3 people dressed in costumes walking the line scaring un expecting people! The line moved very fast and was very well organized! The music was also very nice as well!
Length of Event: Event length was excellent! Any longer woulda been a bonus for the price!
Actor Performance: As much as I would of liked to see more actors in the haunt I can't con the attraction for it due to Covid.. I'm sure they did the very best they could with the amount of actors they had at their disposal.. but the actors that they had did absolutely amazing!
Patron Flow Inside Attraction: This is the only real con I had.. my group caught up to a very slow group ahead of us so we had to pause in a room to let them go forward enough to where we didn't know what was up ahead.. really don't know of a fix to that since it happens from time to time at every attraction with groups.. but none the less we figured out a spacing and didn't let it ruin to much of the haunt!
Appropriate Ages: I would say depending on how easily the kid scares, 10 years old and up would probably be a good judgment!
Props / Special FX: The set was absolutely fantastic! The individual scenes throughout were top notch! The strobes and lasers with the fog will forever be my favorite!
Costumes / Makeup: Costumes and make up seemed pretty top notch! Especially the characters walking up and down the line!
Summary: My overall summary for this event start to finish is pretty positive! The haunt is WELL worth the money! My family are returning customers 3 years in a row now and year by year the event just becomes better and better even with the Covid restrictions that are in place.. If you are one that's worried about Covid, fear no more because every precaution was in place! At 9pm the line was very quick and wasn't a big deal at all! The actors and set were amazing and well built! My only real con was the lack of actors but the actors that were in the haunt definitely made up for it! We make a 2hr long drive every year to come visit this amazing haunt and will definitely be back next year! Congrats to all of the staff working at this attraction because you guys did amazing this year!
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26 out of 46 people thought this review was helpful.
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10/02/21 @ 11:00 pm     (Review Posted: 10/03/21)
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Scare Factor: Very High    Atmosphere: Very Good
Visibility / Location: Located on Route 136 on Lon Drive, somewhat hidden in a dark shopping plaza however if your looking you'll find it or it'll find you!
Wait Entertainment: No waiting entertainment tonight but it was late in the night and there was basically nobody in line to entertain.
Length of Event: After entering the attraction from all the meet and greets it took almost 20 minutes to complete.
Actor Performance: Everyone here done a fantastic job and nobody broke character.
Patron Flow Inside Attraction: The flow throughout was seamless tonight however without a crowd it's impossible to determine accurately - no issues!
Appropriate Ages: This haunt does offer some moderate in your face scares and this should be considered when entering. I would highly recommend using your own judgment here on your tolerance with this type of high action event.
Props / Special FX: The props and special effects here are always exceptional and this year they actually upped the game a little. Everything here is of the upmost in quality and performance and without giving away anything they really bring it!
Costumes / Makeup: The makeup and costumes all appeared exceptional and I noticed nothing cheap or subpar about anything - everyone came off as first rate and resdy!
Summary: This haunted attraction has always been a MUST SEE event and for anyone who has never experienced it, they're missing something great! 
After entering the event you'll never see all the work and detailed work which goes into this, for past adventurers like myself you'll see lots of familiar sets and props however for the new patrons they'll see something special around every corner. 
Much appreciated the maze room being used again this year, it's one of the strong points! Overall the attraction brings lots of strong points with the hanging kicking tormented guy at the beginning to the large thrusting skeleton and the conclusion with a giant demon grabbing at you - nice work! Also enjoyed the large actor creature toward the end however didn't quite go as planned but things happen! The overall experience this year was very good and as stated earlier I high recommend this event! 
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