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2021 Visitor Reviews of
Old State Mine Haunted Trail (Bartonville, Illinois)
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10/22/21 @ 9:30 pm     (Review Posted: 10/23/21)
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Scare Factor: Medium    Atmosphere: Average
Visibility / Location: Located in the Industrial Park Area of Bartonville near the old State Hospital remote buildings. There's a large roadside marker on route 24 coming into Bartonville and another on the event at road pfeiffer road.
Wait Entertainment: A very weak turnout tonight and therefore none was required, not sure about a working line crew anymore.
Length of Event: The trail length was 11 minutes and another 5 to get out.
Actor Performance: The strong characters were the entrance conductor, the old witch and the magician (lol) at the building. The girl dressed as with a top hat, mustache and knife is questionable and likes to be identified as a magician - lol!
Patron Flow Inside Attraction: The patron flow was never in question tonight because of the light attendance.
Appropriate Ages: I convinced that anyone could handle this event.
Props / Special FX: A majority of the props from the old experience are now only on display in the new building which you can't go in! There are some light CGI displays on the windows and various props lining the windows of a building as you enter and exit the trail area however you can't actually enter to see the displays.. The trail appeared to be strictly battery powered lights with no fog or anything animatronic or electric - very disappointing!
Costumes / Makeup: The markup and costumes appeared to work ok however with the trail very dark it's hard to judge the quality.
Summary: We never exactly knew what to expect with the Haunted Mine Experience, when this was the Haunted Infirmary this event was solid however now it appears just a shadow of its past!  
However back to the trail everything is very dark and can can be extremely difficult to navigate through, the lack of fog machines, CGI effects, soundtracks, and just plain old props really put the brakes on this fast! Basically this is more of a dark woods walk with a few young kids jumping out at various points. The acting tonight was very weak on the trail with one guy actually talking to another while charging his glow mask with a flashlight, others just out of sink and not motivated! The witch gal (lol) at the building done a fantastic job and was differently from the original bunch who was pros, the magician girl (lol) was also very good and stayed in character - nice work here! The strongest thing here is the building structure however without entering it appears lacking and with only projections in the windows it appears a wasted opportunity! Let's hope this attraction can find its footing again and can come back again but as for now it's just too weak!
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