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2017 13th Floor Haunted House Review

13th Floor Haunted House
1940 George St.
Melrose Park, IL 60160

Reviewed By:




Visibility / Location:

There was not ample signage to identify where the haunted house location is.

The location is a bit difficult to find and I did not see any significant signage directing us where to go.

Wait Entertainment:

There ware quite a few line actors and once you made your way through the initial waiting area outside, the area was themed and there were additionally more actors here.


Admission prices vary by night, We paid $26.99 but you can see tickets up to $32.00 for general admission. Please check their website for accurate pricing.

It should also be noted that an entertainment fee and sales tax, totaling more than $4.00, will be added to the base price that is advertised.


Parking was available for free just a short walk from the event, Most people were parking at the nearby Aldi or movie theater parking lots area, This is a large, well lit area and it did not seem to need paid parking.

Note that at this location, there is a company, not sure if it is affiliated with 13th floor, asking people to pay for parking, of course that is an option, however if you do not mind a short walk you can park nearby.

Event Length:

13th Floor: 9 Minutes
Freakshow: 6.5 Minutes

****we did not experience any long waits, however we did encounter an interruption in the show while the fire alarms for the building went off and we were being evacuated from the show. we did deduct the time for this from the time we were in the show****


LPR Score = 0.938

LPR stands for Length/Price Ratio. It represents perceived value of an event, by comparing length vs price of admission. Higher numbers represent more value per dollar. Actual quality and/or entertainment value of an event are not factors in this calculation. Click Here to see how this event compares to others visited this year by the staff of

Scare Factor:


Crowd Control:

There was ample crowd control and there were event staff present outside of the event to direct us into the correct lines. They approached us as soon as we walked into the queue line wait area.

Inside the location we did not run into other groups, it was also not a particularly busy night. We were able to walk through at our own pace and over all the movement felt very smooth.


This year the show begin when we were greeted by a Gatekeeper who gave us the normal rules and welcomed us into the show. We continued through the gates after the quick introduction.

After going through the gates we entered into a graveyard scene, complete with zombies, mausoleums and any number of great scares. Once we made it through several twists and turns in the graveyard we ended up in a large church scene, with the possessed priest and a couple other creatures.

This scene was great up until the point that the show was interrupted by the building's Fire Alarm system going off. This was no fault of the actors, however felt it notable to mention as it did impact our show. We were nearly escorted out the the haunt by an actor and did see many actors break character before it was called off and we were given the all clear.

After being given the go ahead to continue through the show, we did see the actors recover from the momentary chaos well and did continue to put on a solid show.

Once we continued out of the church area we proceeded down more mausoleums, back alleyways and many twists and turns into a large city street where we were met by chainsaws and different creatures of all types.

From this location we continue winding through many great scenes and into a set of squeeze walls. After these we were brought into the swamp. The effect in this room was great with may actors hiding beneath the fog and popping out at us.

As we continued down the path we were brought into a sort of mansion of sorts with a great Library and Laboratory/Apothecary of sorts. The detail throughout this section of the show was fantastic, the sets and atmosphere was very well set up and it seemed to maintain a solid theme throughout.

This section of the house did have some actors however it felt a bit lacking at time, this could have been due to going on a Sunday night or early in the season.

After winding our way through a couple more rooms we were brought out of the area into another very short wait area where we were informed that we were entering the "Freakshow" section of the haunt. There was not major indication that we were entering a different show other than the staff member regrouping us and allowing spacing between the groups.

When we were allowed to proceed we entered a decrepit house that brought out a mix of freaks and clowns. We proceeded through several more rooms with the typical gross kitchen, bathroom and into the slaughterhouse. We saw many freaks and some stapler wielding clowns as it appeared they were stapling their own face.

This portion of the show was met with lots of hanging bodies and an awesome body laden vortex tunnel, it was moving a bit slow to get full effect, however it looked fantastic.

This area led into an alleyway filled with abandoned cars with lots of room for actors and to make plenty of noise. We continued through this area into another large city scene that was extremely well put together. We continued through a couple more scenes and were met at the end with a chainsaw attack we began down the exit ramp.

Overall we did enjoy 13th Floor, we did feel that the show was well put together and did seem to flow well. Other than the fire alarm issue which I assume was more of an early season glitch that was quickly and professionally resolved. We did feel that the sets were extremely well put together and with a very high attention for detail, as always with this location. I do feel that for the price that some things like makeup could have received a bit more attention, I do feel it was a bit sloppy coming from such a high caliber and highly priced show. I do think that as the season goes on the show will develop a lot more energy and hopefully will be filled with more actors. There were simply places and empty parts where more scares could have been pulled off. I am curious to see how this location will continue to grow and evolve.

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