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2016 Sickhouse Haunted Attraction Review

Sickhouse Haunted Attraction
Hickorey Creek Mall
19081 Old Lagrange Rd
Mokena, IL 60448

Reviewed By:

Stephanie Oster

Visibility / Location:

Sickhouse in a strip mall located right off of 191st and LaGrange, right off of I-80. It's behind the Denny's and White Castle. When arriving we noticed a clown high up in a cherry picker machine parked in the parking lot. The parking lot was huge and very close to the door. There were a few signs when turning into the parking lot saying, 'haunted house' and 'Sickhouse'.

Wait Entertainment:

There was a DJ playing music with strobe lights and a light-up disco ball. We walked up and were greeted by a few wait actors. The main roamer came up to us and started sniffing one of the girls in my group. There was another roamer clown-type that came up to one of the guys in my group and started to get her face really close to his and making the biting motion with her jaw. He started to play along and tried to stick his fingers into her biting mouth, she then looked at her hand and started biting her own fingers looking confused. She acted on her feet and was very talented.There was another roamer who eventually brought us into the building, he was funny and also creepy. He joked around with our group but then also would start screaming. Once we purchased our tickets in a little shed outside the building, we walked up to the door. The actress at the door took our tickets and started to scream at us about Sickhouse. To be honest, it was a little off-putting, I get that they're trying to go for intimidation but it was just loud. Once inside the building we lined up and we were split up into two groups (of three). We were told the rules and let off into the haunt. The waiting room we were in was also decorated in a dark fashion.


$20 for general admission and $27 from fast pass.



Event Length:

13 Minutes


LPR Score = 2.145

LPR stands for Length/Price Ratio. It represents perceived value of an event, by comparing length vs price of admission. Higher numbers represent more value per dollar. Actual quality and/or entertainment value of an event are not factors in this calculation. Click Here to see how this event compares to others visited this year by the staff of

Scare Factor:


Crowd Control:

The other part of my group eventually did catch up to us but only towards the end. We were going a little bit slow as we wanted to see each scene.


The Sickhouse has a unique backstory that "Dr. Sam K and nurse H, two well-known doctors had a vision to build an asylum that would be home to only the world's most unique sicknesses... they opened the sicKHouse." These doctors eventually had to adopt the patients to keep the 'family' together, and that is what the Sickhouse is.

Once we were in the house, each room seemed to get sicker and sicker. We were guided down hall ways and greeted by sick patients.

Each room was very detailed and dark, but not too dark. The rooms were floor to ceiling decorated, and each room was decorated accordingly. There was music blaring over the PA system.

The actors stayed in character from beginning to end, and there were tons of actors. Some of the actors would contort their bodies in strange and creepy positions and would crawl around or move in such a way that was just so eerie.

One room in particular, there were two girls sitting watching a blank TV, and they were positioned in such ways that said something was off. They got up and creeped up toward us and loomed over us perching up on a chair as we exited the room.

There haunt was jam-packed with rooms and hallways that never stopped with the scares. There were plenty of jump scares but also just the way the actors moved and acted was incredible. Each room was different than a typical haunted house. They had a laboratory that was very interactive, scary clowns, a dentist room with an maniac dentist, and some tight squeezes in the hallways, and they even had an evil tribe leader. There was also a protective mother that would make any grown man fear for his life.

Overall, I think that the Sickhouse is here to stay and is having a pretty successful first season. The haunt was very creepy and eerie with a dash of terrifying. My only complaint is that it left me wanting more -- which is a good complaint to have. I just wish it was a little bit longer, and even though it was filled from beginning to end.

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