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2016 Psychosis Review

882 Anita Ave
Antioch, IL 60002

Reviewed By:

Stephanie Oster

Visibility / Location:

The location was very easy to find. When we pulled up there was a guy outside with a light-up traffic wand directing us to park in lot across the street. The lot was a little bit on the smaller side, but no one was there seeing as it was the opening day so it wasn't an issue. The street itself was a little dim and the sign was not lit up. It took someone else in my car to reassure us that we were in the right place.

Wait Entertainment:

When we walked into the building and up to the window to pay, an actor came up and started talking to the lady behind the glass. He said he was with us and then took the money out of my hand and linked arms with me. We played along saying he was indeed with us. The lady gave us our change and he took us to another room. He spoke in an British accent, and he said his name was Anarchy Darkblood from Bispham, Blackpool, UK. He asked me for my phone. He started to play with it and took a couple of selfies with my snapchat. He asked my friend to sit on the floor with his legs out, pat his head, rub his belly, and lift each leg simultaneously. Anarchy was very fun and stayed true to his character. The waiting room itself was very large and not decorated.


General admission is $20 with a pet food donation it is $18, with a coupon found on their website it is $19. You can combine all offers as welll so it'll be $17. VIP tickets are $27 to skip the line. Ladies' night is on Sundays and it's $10. Kids' matinee is $7 on certain weekends. Group rates are also available $15 for 10-19 people and $13 for 20 or more and must be purchased in person with cash or on 1 card. The website also offers for an additional $10 you can pay for someone in your group to get kidnapped.



Event Length:

11 Minutes


LPR Score = 1.815

LPR stands for Length/Price Ratio. It represents perceived value of an event, by comparing length vs price of admission. Higher numbers represent more value per dollar. Actual quality and/or entertainment value of an event are not factors in this calculation. Click Here to see how this event compares to others visited this year by the staff of

Scare Factor:


Crowd Control:

It was opening night and there didn't seem to be anyone else there. We didn't hear any other groups while we were walking through. But it seemed that it was set up so that you wouldn't run into anyone because they had us wait for quite a bit before allowing us to go through.


When we walked up we were told that we couldn't have any bags or purses, and when we asked the guy outside how much it was he was somewhat unsure. He said a lot of people that night had been using Groupons. We walked into the building and there we were told it was $20. I pulled out my money and that is when Anarchy walked up and took it out of my hand. He told the lady behind the glass that he was with us. He linked his arm with mine and he asked if he could see my glasses. He put the glasses on and started to take us away to the waiting room. He then told us to stand in line and he asked me if he could have my phone. I obliged. He took the phone and started to play around with it. Someone in my group said that we should all take a selfie. He pulled up my Snapchat and went to go take a photo of me and my friends, and then he smiled. We realized he was taking a selfie of himself. Then he took a photo with me and my group.

Someone else walked up told us the rules really fast and opened the door. We walked in and realized how big the haunt actually was. The first room was someone in a large cage that seemed to be multiple levels. He asked us if we had any snacks and seemed very upset that we didn't bring us anything. He jumped from wall-to-wall of the cage and was very fast.

There was another room that was like a giant maze that was painted with black and white stripes. It was also accompanied by a strobe light, which made it difficult to see which way to go. There was a girl in the room that helped us get to the next room but not without popping in and out of our way and giving us quite the scare.

Each room was really well-designed with elaborate props and very detailed scenes. Every single room was huge. Psychosis had moved a couple of different times over the past couple of years, and now they find themselves in Antioch. Although I have never been to Psychosis before, I had heard in previous years it was not as scary. This year though at the new location they really seemed to up their game and their location at this building works well to their advantage.

Some of the rooms were not as scary as others. However, it was very interactive. They responded to things we said in our group, one actor even asked my friend if he got any soup with that bowl referencing his haircut. He then chased us out of his room. There were also rooms that were absolutely terrifying. One in particular there was a slow-strobe and a man you could see chained up. He was in overalls and a flannel, however he was wearing a pig mask. I tried to walk backwards I was so scared, my friends pushed me forward though.

One of the rooms was outstanding as far as set design and costuming. As soon as you walk in you're greeted by a lady in all white and she is standing perfectly still, almost like a statue. She doesn't move at all. Once you walk past her you realize how big and spacious this room actually is. It has life-sized trees and it's almost glowing, but just dark enough to be spooky. There even waits a little surprise on your way out.

Towards the end of haunt we came to a room that had a man asking us to get measured. I volunteered. He said that I would fit quite comfortably. We walked into the next room and there was an open casket. Ah! I got it. I walked up to it and the lady helped me get into it. She told me to keep my arms and legs down and in the casket, and she closed the lid. The casket started to jerk around quite violently. A loud noise came and it sounded like dirt was being poured on top, and at that moment the casket started to smell like dirt. It jerked around a little bit more and it even began to vibrate. I did shout that it was getting hot and they let me out.

Overall, after reading some of the past reviews I was a little nervous that I was going to be driving over an hour to visit a disappointment. Needless to say, they redeemed themselves -- from beginning to end they gave it their all. I would say that the drive and the price is worth it. If you're not easily scared you'll have fun looking at the elaborate scenes.

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