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2016 Disturbia: Screams In The Park Review

Disturbia: Screams In The Park
5501 Park Pl
Rosemont, IL 60018

Reviewed By:

The Gatecreeper

Visibility / Location:

MB Financial Park Is located in an entertainment area of Rosemont, right near the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center.

There is acceptably gigantic parking garage where MB Financial Park is. The haunt is actually in the lower level of the parking garage, for GPS and map location it's best to use the address listed above. The garage shares with all the other entertainment venues around so accessibility may be an issue if there are many events happening at the same time.

No signs point to the haunt till you actually get there. But on every level by the elevator there are A-frame signs and on the elevator button panel there is a Disturbia logo next to the LL button.

Wait Entertainment:

We went early in the season, there was no line to get in there was no need for line entertainment. The line queue itself was very low lit, and barren it fit the design of the location and definitely put you in the right mood. Being under the parking garage we were away from any natural elements.


$25.00 Weekdays
$30.00 Friday and Saturday
$45.00 VIP pass, less wait in line.

If you have a minimum group of 10 you can get discounted tickets at $5 less than the ticket price see website for details.


$ 15.00
You can get your parking ticket validated at any location your time was spent at surrounding MB Financial Park. We just happen to have ours validated at the haunt.

Event Length:

20 Minutes


LPR Score = 1.022

LPR stands for Length/Price Ratio. It represents perceived value of an event, by comparing length vs price of admission. Higher numbers represent more value per dollar. Actual quality and/or entertainment value of an event are not factors in this calculation. Click Here to see how this event compares to others visited this year by the staff of

Scare Factor:

Very High

Crowd Control:

It seemed we were the only ones there so there was no groups catching up to us or we to them. But with many checkpoints I could see that there was a very efficient system in place.


Once your ticket is purchased, you walk into a small queue line and come to a greeter in costume which at that point we enter the haunt. I have a bit of a feeling we caught the actors by a slight surprise. They were sitting on the floor near the door's haunt in a small alcove, two of them running inside to their spots. Playing it off as we seen them the second time around. As we entered we were greeted by multiple cultists who introduced themselves and gave us a little background story about their family. We were invited to dinner by our hosts who had seemed to have already started on the main course, the female's most recently deceased husband. We left the first room and were and separated and seated. A chain is placed on your lap. Our newest host will do his monologue welcoming you to the dark world and how your mortal flesh will be enjoyed. Entering the depths there are many creatures wondering about your existence and wanting your living soul. Many of these paths twist and turn sometimes not sure where you should be next.

The prison cell maze was a nice touch. Three inhabitants moving through the bars, flawlessly. A mental health facility with great detail and some really nice scares. Now from this point on I know this is an actor driven haunt. Very few static props were used, only sparingly when we needed a corpse or two. In this case it's not necessary to decorate the haunt with them since we have great set design. One of the main items I have noticed is the different textures under my feet, you end up forgetting where you are at. The soft dirt / sandy floor makes you think you are no longer in a parking garage. But even more sending you into another realm is once you pass the boiler room you enter a large chamber with a large broken pipe above your head a story above you as water is draining out into a large cistern in the middle of the room. Climbing up the stairs spiraling around is an incredibly effective transition.

The crypt with the voodoo shaman was very enjoyable. A hex was being attached to my soul the by shaman and the experience was very intense all the actors around and in the scene were very dedicated to what they were doing. In most cases as you were walking through you did not know where to put your attention to. A creative version of a dark maze was there and the experience was much better than most haunts that attempt this. Mostly for the reason it was incredibly short with a few surprises, and didn't waste any of my time experiencing more of this haunt. Another haunt stable, the squeeze wall, which I always love and like how various locations like to use this prop. To this date I believe this is the longest squeeze wall I have ever been through. Not the most creative use of one, but the longest just the same. Walking into the spider's nest was interesting. The actors did pretty well here, and the design around you was effective. I couldn't tell if there was much detail to this scene as you travel forward the light above you is so bright it's too overwhelming. But the spiders lair was a fantastic room, and quite unique. Exiting was a bit abrupt but those who can't wait to get out to "safety" I bet it's the perfect ending.

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