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Site Sponsors's Evil Intentions Ghost Tours Review - Jennifer Drendel's review of the Evil Intentions Ghost Tour, a supernatural / paranormal tour of an abandoned casket factory located in Elgin, Illinois.

By Jennifer Drendel

A couple of weeks after the crew of Evil Intentions haunted house announced that they would be opening their building to the public for paranormal tours; they graciously invited the team to experience the former Elgin Casket Company's haunted factory. Built in 1900, the building was constructed near an old settlers' cemetery which had recently been disturbed due to severe over-population. Only ten years prior to the construction of the building, countless human remains were dug up, loaded into carts and relocated to another nearby cemetery.

Fifty years later, in 1940, the Elgin Casket Company took over the large factory. According to an Elgin city official, just one month into business at their new location near the Fox River, five mutilated human bodies were discovered in the basement. This mysterious crime remains unsolved. In 1949, two escapees from the local mental hospital were reportedly seen on the property of the warehouse, but they were never seen again. In the early 1980's, well after the casket company had closed the doors, cloaked figures were seen on the property. It is believed by visiting psychics and previous tenants that the abandoned shell of a coffin factory was a popular location for cult members to practice their dark religious ceremonies. Psychics have also reported visions of violence, rape and murder on the land where Evil Intentions haunted house now stands.

We visited the Evil Intentions crew for an investigation on a Saturday night in April, along with some crew members from Fables Studios and Terror on the Railroad. The night began at about 10:00 in a cozy lounge, complete with complimentary refreshments, where we were given the background of the building and a tutorial on the ghost hunting equipment that we were welcome to utilize throughout the night. We were shown the surveillance room, which housed numerous screens showing live feed of security cameras. After a tour of the building and the locations that promised the most activity due to past experiences, we were split into smaller groups and sent to several locations with at least one member of the Evil Intentions crew. We opted to first visit the waiting area, where patrons wait their turn to experience the haunted house in October. According to a visiting psychic, this was the location of a portal to Hell, as well as a favored hiding place for a little boy spirit named Jacob. Our next stop was near an exit of the building, which allegedly was the sight of a violent murder. After that, we stopped at a couple of different locations in the basement; a room where actors claim to be touched and a large sub-basement where spirit activity has been reported.

We then made our way into the church scene, which is believed to be the location of numerous rapes and haunted by a spirit who hates women. Earlier in the evening, two young ladies had stayed in the room by themselves and reported hearing voices through the spirit box. The spirit box is a device that produces white noise, which some believe spirits can communicate through. Another young woman and I decided to try to upset this hateful spirit by staying in the room by ourselves. The guys went on to explore the boiler room, which is reported to be haunted by a demon-type creature that has the ability to climb walls, and we began our investigation in the church scene. Personally, I prefer taking in the environment and attempting to make contact with spirits without equipment. After about ten minutes of asking questions and requesting signs of a presence, we both started hearing movement in the room next to us. It sounded to us like someone was tapping on glass, but said room was empty and everyone in the building was accounted for. We were eventually joined by the young ladies who investigated the room earlier. One of them told us that she felt sick while in that room, but that vanished when she left. She said that the pain was coming back, so we opted to try using the spirit box in an attempt to recreate their experience. We did not witness any more movement or voices in that space, so we moved on.

With the group together again, we split from the large group and spent the next couple of hours roaming the building and all of the haunted locations therein. Just before 3:00 a.m., we reconnected with the group from Fables Studios and recapped our experiences in the waiting area, near the alleged portal to Hell. While we were discussing the evening, we were joined by the owner of Evil Intentions. He explained that he had been watching the surveillance cameras and that a very pronounced orb had just flown over us. Moments later, I heard a distinct shuffling noise directly to my left. It startled me because it legitimately sounded like someone standing next to me had shuffled their feet on a gravel floor, but I knew that no one was there. The only object to my left was (ironically) a piece of a casket leaning against the wall. I was the only person in the room that heard the noise, which completely baffled me because it was so loud to me. The group moved the casket piece to see if some kind of an animal was hiding in it and had made a noise, but absolutely nothing was there.

At that point, we were all anxious to see the video footage of the orb and to see if anything had moved that would have made the noise that I experienced. We headed to the surveillance room and watched the video on a large projection screen. Just as described, a clearly defined sphere, which appeared to be omitting light evenly around the circumference, entered the room on the right hand side of the frame and winded down an airborne path over our heads. We continued to watch the video to find any possible explanation for the noise, but the video provided no solution to the mystery.

My experience at Evil Intentions has left me with lots of questions and the urge to go back and try to find answers; just as any good ghost hunt should! A huge "thank you" goes out to the crew that welcomed us in to their factory, introduced us to their ghosts and provided us with the opportunity to witness true paranormal activity!

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