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Site Sponsors's Amelia's Ghost Tours Haunted Pub Crawl Review - Jennifer Drendel's review of Amelia's Ghost Tours Haunted Pub Crawl (Galena, Illinois).

By Jennifer Drendel

On Friday, June 22, 2018, our group of three paranormal enthusiasts joined Amelia's Haunted Pub Crawl through historic Galena, Illinois. The tour described itself as a trip to three different bars along Main Street, with tales of hauntings along the way. Due to a previous engagement (a rehearsal for the wedding that we were in town for), we were not able to meet the group of fellow tourists at Amelia's storefront. Rather, we met them at the first bar they stopped at. We hadn't missed much, as they were just beginning to go around the group and introduce themselves.

Our tour guide was Emma, and she was immediately welcoming and courteous. She asked everyone in the group of about twelve tourists to introduce themselves and come up with their own way of breaking the ice. The responses were pretty comical, and Emma was pretty comical herself. After we had all met each other, Emma told us ghost stories about the bar we were currently seated in. We were also encouraged to communicate with the spirits by way of dowsing rods, which I eagerly accepted. After a round of drinks, we moved onto the next location.

While walking down Main Street, Emma would ask us to pause and she would tell us stories of some buildings along the way. The next bar we stopped at was very busy, but we had the outdoor patio to ourselves, and some appetizers were prepared for us upon our arrival. After everyone in the group ordered the sangria special that was offered to members of the tour, we sat outside and heard more stories about the history of Galena and the ghosts that still reside in town. Again, members of our group were encouraged to participate and communicate via dowsing rods, and it seemed to be a pretty successful session.

We made our way to the final pub, while learning more about Main Street, as well as Commerce Street. Once we reached our final destination, we ordered our drinks and we were met with another round of stories from Galena's past and the haunting repercussions of the same. We were then encouraged to chime in on our own personal thoughts of the paranormal, and if applicable, share our own ghost stories with the group. A lot of intriguing stories were told, and Emma bid us farewell after a lovely tour.

We had a wonderful time during our haunted pub crawl! Our tour guide was quite funny, as well as very knowledgeable regarding the town and its history. The bars were all very accommodating, and the ghost stories themselves were spooky and intriguing. I would definitely recommend Amelia's Haunted Pub Crawl to someone looking for a fun and unique way to learn about the spirits hanging out in gorgeous Galena, Illinois. Amelia's also offers shuttle bus ghost tours (which we have been on and also recommend), as well as s'eance shows. Since Galena is a popular tourist attraction in the summer, it is recommended to order tickets in advance on their website.

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