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2021 Cancelled Illinois Haunted Houses and Halloween Events
The following is a list of Illinois haunted attractions and Halloween events that have announced that they will not be operating for the 2021 season. To find out more information about each of the events below, click on the event name. To see which events will be open this season, Click Here to visit our Halloween Event Directory.
Several Illinois haunted attractions and Halloween events have announced that they will not be operating for the Halloween season.

Extreme Haunted Hayrides & Zombie Paintball Rides In Riverside Park *** CANCELLED ***

Springfield, IL - (Event Type: Haunted Hayride)
Sorry, but we will Not be running the Extreme Haunted Hayrides and Zombie Paintball during the 2021 Halloween season.

Fright Night "The Sequel" *** CANCELLED ***

Forest City, IL - (Event Type: Haunted House, Hayride, Haunted Hayride, Trail, Haunted Trail, Festival)
Sorry, but Fright Night The Sequel will not be open for the 2021 Halloween season. Right now, we are busy revamping the attraction in preparation for a Grand Reopening in 2022! Stay tuned on Haunted Illinois for updates!

Halls Of Horror *** CANCELLED ***

Creve Coeur, IL - (Event Type: Haunted House)
Unfortunately, Halls Of Horror will not be open for the 2021 Halloween season, but fear not! We’re not gone for good. We are in the process of finishing some building renovations, including the installation of a sprinkler system in order to keep our customers safe. We are targeting 2022 for our grand re-opening, so keep your eye out for announcements here on Haunted Illinois, as well as on our Facebook page.

Haunts Against Hunger *** CANCELLED ***

Park Forest, IL - (Event Type: Haunted House)
It is with a heavy heart we make this post. We lost the building we held the Haunted House. No haunted house for 2021, we plan to have haunted yards like we had in 2020. We will continue to collect non-perishable food items and help the local food pantries. Please continue to like and follow us for updates.

Hell's Burrow Haunted Attraction *** CANCELLED ***

Hillsboro, IL - (Event Type: Home Haunt)

As of today, the haunt will be CLOSED for this season.

The last week and a half has been a whirlwind of emotions for our family. We were contacted by the Illinois Department of Labor and were told we needed to have an inspection, Permit of Operations, Liability Insurance, and Background Checks for all of our volunteers…most of which needed to be done 30 days prior to opening night. (At this point we were a week and a half out). We explained that our little haunt is NOT a business and that it is open air to not be considered an “enclosed structure” per the state code for haunted houses. We explained it is just a free walk through for the community. We explained that our actors are family and friends. We explained that we are safety certified. We explained that our haunt has been on-going for the past ten years and we’ve never had any issues. We explained that it is in our yard.

Unfortunately, their legal team still deemed it an “enclosed” structure and therefore we were required to meet all of the qualifications within a week…an utterly impossible feat. If we continued to do it anyways, we would face criminal charges and upwards of $20,000 in fines.

Our family feels exceptionally disheartened and frustrated at the entire situation. Our goal is to re-evaluate HOW we put on a good show for you all while ABIDING by these standards the Department of Labor determined we, a family on our private property, now fall under alongside the professional haunted houses. That is our plan for the next year.

We love Hillsboro and we love bringing free fun to everyone. We love pushing children to be brave and conquer their fears. We love our haunt, how it brings us together as a family, and how it positively affects the community.


The Jeffers Family


Lost Souls Haunted Bus Tour *** CANCELLED ***

Chicago, IL - (Event Type: Haunted House, Haunted House Bus Tour)
Well... It's happened again, Covid has caused us to have to cancel this year's tours.

We do believe that we could provide a safe environment, but that would require proof of vaccination and masks. However, with masks comes no eating / drinking and Brewster can't provide the level of entertainment you are used to. Rather than sacrifice show quality, we have chosen to err on the side of caution and cancel the tour for 2021.

With that said, we do want to encourage everyone to get out and check out the haunted houses this year. Be sure to check their websites for details, but we anticipate that they will all be taking similar precautions as last year. We are confident that all the shows that will be open this year will have proper safety precautions in place and will be safe to visit.

We'll have more updates about the status of the haunts that are open throughout the season. We hope to see everyone next year.


McHenry Jaycees Haunted House *** CANCELLED ***

McHenry, IL - (Event Type: Haunted House)
Unfortunately, we won't be open for the 2021 Halloween season.

Mombie's Madhouse Haunted House *** CANCELLED ***

Springfield, IL - (Event Type: Yard Display, Home Haunt)
We wanted to let everyone know that we have decided to not have Mombie’s Madhouse this year due to the ongoing Covid pandemic. A lot of thought was given to it and it was decided that the safety of the actors and visitors were much more important. We will still have the yard display and be handing out candy on Halloween during trick or treat hours. We will also be taking non-perishable food donations for the Southern View food pantry. The display will be up the entirety of October with added visual and effects the night of Halloween. We thank everyone for their understanding and support! ☠️🎃💀👻

Nightmare On Chicago Street *** CANCELLED ***

Elgin, IL - (Event Type: Zombie Street Festival)
We hear you, citizens. "Will there be a Nightmare on Chicago Street in 2021?"

The answer is: No, not this year.

This October, the City of Elgin, along with the help of the Zombie Defense Initiative, will go west to hunker down once more in Wing Park. We'll be battling the undead, and other freaky and weird forces that haunt the dark and winding pathways there.

Until then, keep yourselves safe and healthy. We'll need you all soon enough.


Nightmare On Leamington *** CANCELLED ***

Chicago, IL - (Event Type: Haunted House)
It is with great sadness that we announce that the Nightmare shall not be returning in 2021. Various factors played a role in making this decision including the increased cost of operating the haunt and bringing the show that our fans have come to expect from us. Other factors including personal matters of the owners and operators have also prevented the creation and work required to bring the nightmare to life. We fully expect to be in a better situation for 2022 and hope to return in a larger than life fashion to deliver an unbelievable show that has never been experienced before. We appreciate all the love and support we have received and are looking forward to bringing the WOW in 2022. Till then, we'll see you in your nightmares...

Raven's Grin Inn *** CANCELLED ***

Mount Carroll, IL - (Event Type: Haunted House, Haunted Fun House, 1870s Inn with haunted tours)
Hello everyone! We had hoped to be giving an announcement on our tours restarting, however with COVID ramping back up, we decided to hold off on that a little bit longer. Unfortunately that means we are not doing tours for this Halloween season, but expect to begin shortly thereafter. For the short term, there will be a couple of changes on how we do the tours, namely they will all be reservation only with your own private group. We will have all of the information needed for doing this in an upcoming post.

As always the store is still open (both onsite and online) and we are about to add some new items for this haunt season! Be sure to check them out!

CLICK HERE to visit our Etsy store.

Thank you!!!

-Jim and Jessica


Scream Scene *** CANCELLED ***

Skokie, IL - (Event Type: Haunted House)
Unfortunately, due to the rise in Covid cases we will be closed for the 2021 season. On the bright side, we'll have had two full years to plan and have some great surprises planned for 2022!

Shadows Realm Haunted House *** CANCELLED ***

Galesburg, IL - (Event Type: Haunted House)
It has come to a time that we must announce that after much deliberation and with heavy hearts we are closing the doors of Shadows Realm, indefinitely.

The Catacombs *** CANCELLED ***

Chicago, IL - (Event Type: Haunted House)
🚨 It is with Heavy Hearts and Souls we have to announce that we will NOT be opening for the 2021 Haunting Season.

This was a very hard decision to come to, but with COVID and losing one of our Beloved Haunters this year, we have to put Safety First for All of our Families and Customers, Staff, Volunteers and Creatures.

In the meantime, please visit our Sponsors and Support them , without our Sponsors there would be no Catacombs.

Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram Pages for News and Updates regarding our 2022 Season .

Stay Healthy & Safe Everyone!
Rest In Peace Scary & Psycho Claus, we miss you terribly 🧡🖤


If you know about any other cancelled Illinois haunted attractions or Halloween events that aren't already in this list, please send an email with the details to:

To see which events are open this year, visit our Halloween Event Directory.


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